snow in summer;
bend the rules;


In celebration of hitting the big five-oh after nearly two years on the blog, I’m giving away Steam Keys to two of my favorite games of all time!

Sonic Adventure 2: Widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best games in the franchise. Chased by the military for a crime he did not commit, Sonic the Hedgehog faces off against a mysterious doppelganger and stumbles upon a conspiracy from 50 years ago…

But let’s face it, most of us are just here for the Chao.

Hatoful Boyfriend: A VN dating sim in which you are the sole human student at St. Pigeonation’s, an exclusive school for birds. Often referred to as “that dating sim where you date birds”. Far more interesting and feels-ripping than it sounds.

Further explanation requires spoiling half the plot, so I’ll refrain from doing so.

Rules: You must be following me as of today, September 12, 2014.

Likes and reblogs both count, but please only keep to one of each.

I will roll two winners on September 19th, and the first to respond gets first pick of the games.

You must be willing to share your Steam account with me, however further interaction after giving you the game is not likely.

Further Note: Although Hatoful Boyfriend can run on pretty much anything, Sonic Adventure 2 requires a beefier-than-baseline Windows machine. If you are picked as a winner and cannot run SA2, I would like to request that you either choose Hatoful or pass on and allow me to roll another winner.

Casual reminder, since I’ve noticed a few people doing this: if you followed me to get in this, I am not counting your entry. The first couple I decided to let slide because of the ambiguous wording, but anyone who followed after midnight my time on the day this was posted is not being counted.

I’m really glad to see the upsurge in interest, but I just wanted to clarify the rules.


those friends who you platonically love oodles but you would totally be down to smooch them once in a while or all the time and cuddle them


So, let me guess— you just started a new book, right? And you’re stumped. You have no idea how much an AK47 goes for nowadays. I get ya, cousin. Tough world we live in. A writer’s gotta know, but them NSA hounds are after ya 24/7. I know, cousin, I know. If there was only a way to find out all of this rather edgy information without getting yourself in trouble…

You’re in luck, cousin. I have just the thing for ya.

It’s called Havocscope. It’s got information and prices for all sorts of edgy information. Ever wondered how much cocaine costs by the gram, or how much a kidney sells for, or (worst of all) how much it costs to hire an assassin?

I got your back, cousin. Just head over to Havocscope.

((PS: In case you’re wondering, Havocscope is a database full of information regarding the criminal underworld. The information you will find there has been taken from newspapers and police reports. It’s perfectly legal, no need to worry about the NSA hounds, cousin ;p))

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dearxlisteners whispered:
What's your favorite thing about yourself?


u have yr own unique and individual talent and personality that makes u unique

use them to get me seeds and pats

you are special

for me


Finally had some time to take pics of our plant project.

Succulent + Cacti, lovingly arranged by hand and accented with Italian sea glass + terra cotta from the Amalfi Coast.


This is so sweet you guys what the heck how can one person be this lovely I thought it was impossible but nope I’m wrong and I can’t stop smiling about it. <3



this is the stupidest and funniest thing ever

I just laughed so loud three people turned around to look at me


six things every girl will ALWAYS have in her purse:

  1. another smaller purse
  2. an aging picture of ringo starr
  3. a six pack of heineken 
  4. the complete box set of every season of Deadliest Catch
  5. the hat you thought you lost at Disneyland when you were 5
  6. a tiny, infinitely dense marble that contains our own universe